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The Premier Queens Solar Panel Company

Can I really save money with solar?

The best way to save time and money is with LED Solar & Automation. With solar power, you don’t have the hassle of dealing with grid outages–get clean energy anywhere in your home or business today!

7 Steps to Going Solar in Queens

1. Get a home energy checkup.

2. Complete cost-effective energy-efficient
home improvements.

3. Understand your utility bills, local incentives
(tax credits, rebates, etc.) and rules.

4. Explore solar system types and your
available solar access.

5. Weigh buying versus leasing considerations.

6. Get proposals from several reputable,
established solar system providers.

7. Analyze costs, projected savings and
contracts to make the best choice for you
and your home.


Why Choose LED?

We’re the leading solar panel company throughout the Greater Queens area. If you have questions about adding solar panels to your home, you need a team you can trust. Give us a call or fill out our form to get started today!


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Solar Panel FAQs

Our technicians will do an inspection of your home to make sure that your roof and electrical qualifies to go solar.

Our panels are completely transferable to the new homeowner. We don’t place any liens or restrictions on your home that prevent you from selling it . It’s also now proving on major real estate website that solar increases your property value. 

One of our solar pros will come out to you and go over the process. They will also determine the cost based upon your electricity usage and available roof space. 

We maintain your system, Sunpower technology provides you with real monitoring of your solar system. 

2-4 weeks after your installed. Once the local jurisdictions inspect your system . We will activate your system remotely. 

Ready to go Solar?